Who We Are

People that Care About the future Health of our planet we all call home

Who We Are

Terry Garratt

Terry is a former Technical Officer in British Telecom managing an Electronic Area Repair Centre.  Terry developed the system through extensive research in Green technologies in a bid to find a real world practical and workable solution to reducing green house gas levels.

Joanne Carr

Joanne is an experienced business professional with extensive experience across many sectors, including advisory and management roles in multi-million dollar corporations as well as the Australian Government. Joanne is responsible for the financial stewardship of the company, including asset management, financial integrity and reporting as well as compliance. Joanne is a current member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia & NZ (ICAANZ), has a Bachelor of Commerce double major degree in Accounting & Management and a post-Graduate Degree in Accounting

James Garratt

James has a background in Product Management, involving multimillion dollar portfolios and experience in Sales & Marketing Management for a large Development company.  James has a Bachelor of Commerce double major degree in Marketing & Advertising.

James 1

Our Approach

Our Story

We are a close family unit that all lived in different Pacific countries (Fiji, NZ & Australia) who immigrated from England originally to New Zealand back in 1995

With a lot of talk and not enough action around climate change, we are each witnessing the impact of Global Warming in each of our countries that became a strong discussion topic between us. With the amazing Coral Reefs of Australia slowly dying away, the rise in water levels on our island nations and the impact of the Marine life – one day a group of Fijian locals explained to Terry & Lyn that fish are washing up dead along the coast because of the sea temperatures getting so hot.

This prompted Terry to look further into Green Technologies and get a better understanding of what is happening, which triggered the idea of Vaccars, that there is a solution large enough in scale and self financing, aimed at the biggest issue we all presently face, which is climate change, caused by greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide being released, warming our atmosphere and creating rising temperatures and with the added benefit of cleaning the air of other pollutants.

When Vaccars was first discussed within the family, we all instantly could see the potential in what this system could do for us all by reversing the global warming effects so we can give our children and everyone else a chance to save what we have, before it is too late. We knew if we all felt this strongly about the ability of the Vaccars system, then there will be others who will also feel the same way and will believe that we do have a solution within reach, that can not only replace many fossil fueled vehicles in condensed cities (that we need to replace as a transport means), but actually clean the air we breathe, actively reduce Co2 and help nature in the fight for balance that our past generations have bestowed upon us

— Our Mission

Is to reduce Carbon Dioxide in our atmosphere to a suitable balanced level.

— Our Vision

To provide a commercially viable solution to inner city transport in as many large cities across the world, with our revolutionary carbon negative system..

                    “Time to Drive Change for the Environment”